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HLM Medical Management Firm,

HLM Medical Management Firm LLC –

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HLM has been staffing top quality PA and NP candidates for over five years. HLM is PA owned and operated and we have the skills and expertise necessary to create a meaningful and profitable partnership between client and candidate

Staffing for All Medical Specialties

HLM Medical Management is owned by Heidi Medcalf, a PA with over ten years of clinical experience. We know what it takes to succeed in the medical world and this experience helps us to find the perfect PA or NP for your company. We don’t take an assembly line approach to placements like many other staffing companies do; we are extremely attentive to your needs and work tirelessly to find the perfect fit for your business.

Our business is based on the referrals of previous satisfied clients and candidates.

HLM Medical Management Firm,
HLM Medical Management Firm

The HLM Competitive Edge: Why Choose HLM?

At HLM, we are knowledgeable in appropriate candidate selection for specific patient populations and needs. The HLM Medical Management Firm owner and CEO. Our CEO is a certified physician assistant who has 10 years of clinical experience.

As a successful clinical practitioner, Heidi Medcalf knows the benefits highly qualified PAs and NPs bring to a practice in terms of projected profitability for the practice.

HLM is also very aware of the importance of fair compensation. We offer competitive bonuses and incentives.

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HLM Medical Management Firm LLC,

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HLM Medical Management