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Heidi Medcalf, the owner of HLM Medical Management Firm, started out just staffing medical professionals. As her clients came to recognize her rare ability to consistently staff amazing employees at an affordable rate, Heidi started to be frequently approached to staff other positions as well. HLM is now a full service staffing company that staffs for non-medical positions, including specialty IT fields, executives, and other hard-to-fill business positions.

When it comes to your business, you make countless decisions every day. From determining potential new customers to what brand of coffee to put in the break rooms, making choices is a large part of doing business. One of the most important decisions that can make or break your business is the people that you hire. You know that you need extra help to get things done and you’re looking for the right individuals to offer this assistance. However, there are many factors to consider before you can even begin to interview potential new colleagues. Indeed, the hiring process can feel overwhelming, even for the most experienced managers. That’s where staffing agencies can be helpful. They’re a perfect complement to assist with Dallas business staffing needs.

While it’s important to hire the right people, it’s more critical to avoid hiring the wrong people for your company. Although this is easier said than done, the consequences of hiring someone who’s a bad fit for your company can be enormous. Estimates vary, but most experts believe that it costs several thousands of dollars when a company makes even one bad hire. These costs include the time and resources needed to train new employees, extra time needed to supervise poor performing employees, strained relationships with customers, lower morale among other colleagues, and total employee compensation. In the past, poor performing employees could potentially be reassigned to other positions. But in today’s ever changing workplace, this is no longer an option. A staffing agency can help significantly to be sure you are selecting from a pool of good potential employees.

So what can you do to maximize your chances of hiring the right person? Obviously, you’d want to hire someone who is capable of performing the necessary tasks of the job. Still, it’s useful to ensure that you post an updated, clear job description so that you and a potential employee both clearly understand the major and minor requirements that are truly needed to be successful in the position. It’s also critical that a new hire will mesh well with your company’s culture. Too often, “not a fit with company culture” is a major reason cited for an employee being let go. Finally, you should consider whether a potential new hire has certain other intangibles that can offer added value to your company. These intangibles include the following:

  • Adaptability – As a business needs change, an employee that can successfully adapt with changing responsibilities, roles, and daily tasks provides more stability over time.
  • Languages – With business globalization becoming more prevalent every day, it’s useful to find an employee that’s able to speak the same language(s) as those of your major clients and your fellow colleagues.
  • Regulations – Many companies comply with various regulations and standards such as ISO, IPEC, and FDA. It’s a good idea to find employees that have experience working in these types of regulated environments.

While it may seem difficult to find the right people to hire, it’s not impossible. By working with a Dallas business staffing agency, you’ll have an ally that will help screen applicants, leaving you with a strong set of possible candidates to choose from. This, combined with your internal hiring procedures, should help you land the perfect candidate to fill that needed position. Consider choosing HLM for your Dallas staffing company. After all, you’re only as good as the people you hire, so make sure you hire the very best.


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