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Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner Recruiting Los Angeles

Is your growing patient population overwhelming your current medical team while you struggle to find time to interview and hire new staff members?

Or are you looking for an experienced, high quality NP or PA who has relevant experience to your specific patient population and can help grow your existing practice?

Let HLM leverage our extensive network of NP’s and PA’s to find the right fit for your practice so you can focus on what you do best!

How PA’s and NP’s can Help Scale your Practice

While the nationwide physician shortage continues, NP’s and PA’s provide an accessible and cost effective solution to expanding your practice. The use of NP’s and PA’s allows you to expand the reach of your current employed physicians, increase overall patient satisfaction scores and increase the number of services you can offer based on the needs of your specific patient population.

Fully trained PA’s and NP’s can carry out the majority of tasks performed by a physician while maintaining the same quality of care to your patients. This allows you to minimize your overhead costs, increase patient throughput and boost overall profitability.

Why HLM is the Clear Choice

HLM is 100% PA owned and operated starting with our CEO, Heidi Medcalf, who spent over eight years working as a physician’s assistant. We understand the needs of your medical staff as well as how to recognize and attract the highest quality nursing professionals.

HLM doesn’t apply an assembly line hiring structure like most firms. We take the time to understand your unique needs, while leveraging our clinical experience, to handpick the appropriate candidates with relevant experience for your particular patient population. This leads to long lasting and rewarding partnerships that are mutually beneficial to our candidates and your medical team.

We also offer temporary placements (locum tenens) which shifts the risk and burden of hiring, credentialing, professional liability insurance and payroll away from your team. Whether you need a PA for a day, or a long term solution, we will handle the administrative responsibilities so you can focus on the clinical ones.

Due to our extensive network of healthcare providers, we are able to offer the most competitive rates in the industry. While we do specialize in PA/NP staffing, we are happy to extend our services, or refer you to one of our trusted partners, if you’re in need of a physician, nurse or any other healthcare provider.

For more information about our services or to discuss how HLM can help expand your current capacity, please contact us today!




HLM Medical Management